Social proof sells! One element I often see missing from people’s website and sales page is social proof – testimonials and success stories proving your product or service works.

Why do you need social proof?

  • To help you buyer with their decision making
  • To establish your credibility
  • To demonstrate why it’s a good investment

Who should you ask for a testimonial?

Not all client voices are created equal, only ask the best possible client to participate.

Here’s a checklist:

  • They have tangible results
  • They are well spoken
  • They’re the kind of client you want to work with
  • They have influence or authority

Make the Ask

Here are a list of categories and questions to ask to help you portray a success story.
What prompted you to buy this product or solution?
What’s your favorite part of this product or solution?
What results have you experienced in your business?
Would you recommend this to a friend?

A powerful testimonial can sell your product or service.