In today’s Google, mobile-dominated, informational age people are making lighting speed impressions of you and your business. On average people know within 8 seconds when landing on your website if they are interested in browsing more or clicking off your site and never looking back.

Eight seconds is not much time to make an impression. So how do you know if you are making a good impression or bad one?

I created a list to see if your website is actually ruining your reputation.


  1. Having links that go nowhere
  2. Music or video (with audio) that automatically plays
  3. Pixelated or blurry images
  4. Too much stuff on the home page – overwhelm
  5. Blah Copy
  6. Long bodies of text
  7. Unclear navigation
  8. Domain names ending in,,, etc.
  9. Abandoned Blog


Take an inventory of your website to see if you marked yes to any of the above and fix right away. It’s not too late to save your reputation.

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