Ideas are opportunities in disguise. If you get an idea and it’s accompanied with incredible energy that lifts your spirts, then take action RIGHT AWAY! If you think…”I’ll get to that idea later” it may be too late.

The idea might stay, but the energy behind the idea that is crucial to make the idea come alive is fleeting.
Thinking an idea will just “hang around” is like a deer sitting next to a panther who hasn’t eaten in a week and the panther proceeding to walk away “to do something else” thinking that the deer will be sitting there when he gets back.

You got to pounce on that idea RIGHT AWAY!

Write down the idea, create a small action to assure the idea that “yes you can trust me to make this happen.” Then be grateful that they idea come to you, little ‘ol you.
Ideas are also time sensitive. Do not wait until everything is perfect to implement this idea. Make sure you make that phone call, write that blog post, or do whatever action is accompanied with this idea.
If an idea had a purpose, then it’s purpose is that it needs to be fully expressed.
If you don’t follow through on ideas it will go to someone else in order to live out its purpose and the opportunity will be lost onto you.

Major killer of ideas…

  • Perfectionism
  • Procrastination
  • Distraction (shiny penny syndrome)
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Caring what others think about you
  • Not having faith

Don’t let any of these idea-killers get in the way of the amazing opportunity that is waiting on the other side of this idea.

It’s a privilege to be handed ideas. The more you can be trusted to handle an idea, more will come your way.