Taking your business online is crucial for success. So how do you generate a lead list and start creating a thriving online business? **Note you don’t need an entire website do start generating leads online!

Offer a free resource to entice people to work with you.

This is called an opt-in offer and it’s the most important feature in building an online audience.

You want to show people exactly what you do and how you can help them if they decided to work with you. It’s a sneak peek into your bigger service offering.

#1 Examples of Opt-In Offers


    • A Checklist

Give your clients easy step-by-step instructions where they can get big results. Maybe your clients feel overwhelmed with too much information and this checklist can offer some relief.

    • Mini Training

If you do something a little more complex, start with an essential part of the process that will get them ready for the rest of your content and services.

    • Quiz

If you sell skin care, for example, creating a quiz to diagnose different skin types could be really useful. You can then match your products based on that person’s specific skin type.

#2 Capture Leads for your Offer


Once you’ve determined your opt-in offer it’s time to create a landing page or carve out a section on your homepage of your website where people can receive it!

This is where you’ll send people to get your opt-in offer.

#3 Deliver the Offer


You’ll need a marketing automation software such as MailChimp (free) or Campain Monitor (premium). Connect this with your email opt-in plugin of your website, my favorite is Bloom from Elegant Themes. People use leadpages as well to perform this function.

#4 Send people to your offer


Share your offer on Facebook and other social media platforms, add it to your email signature, tell people in your networking events. Generating a lead list only works if you tell people about your opt-in!

#5 Nuture your list

Now it’s time to nurture your leads! Remember to keep added value, solving problems and being their #1 resource.