Sincerely, Kind Regards, Thanks a Million, Cheers, With Love. There are so many enduring ways to add closure to a letter, but what about adding closure to a business email?

What’s the best way to create a lasting impression, enhance your brand and leverage your services in your email signature? Learn the anatomy of a great email signature.




This goes without being said, but make sure you have your name, your role, your company name and the department of your company on your signature. Simple right?

But what can you do to make your name more unique, while staying on brand.

Let’s dive a little deeper into “your role”.
If you are the owner of your business you get to choose your role. Are you the CEO, Owner, Founder, President, Monarch? Your role title creates a perception of your business, so choose wisely. For example, a CEO, refers to a more corporate structure. Perhaps your company is modern and you’ve made up your own role such as “MOMpreneur” or “Social Media Queen”.

Choose what image you want to create for yourself and the perception you want others to see you. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it.

Contact Information:

There are so many different avenues to contact people these days; email, phone, Facebook Messager, text, Skype, the list goes on. Your contact information should let people know your preferred method and the quickest way you’ll get back to them. Be mindful, if you work with international or national clients then putting the country code or time zone will be extremely helpful. Also, no need for redundancy so don’t put your email in your signature. Most people know how emails work these days.



1. Direct them to your website by adding a link

If your website is designed properly, which it should be because I probably designed it, then there should be a beautiful “call to action” just waiting to take them to the next step. That usually involves buying, downloading, setting a consultation, or calling you. So, provide a link to your website or your sales landing page link and the let your site do the work.

2. Get social!

Social media is all about building brand awareness and community. By providing links to your social media accounts (that your post regularly on) will be an invite to join the conversation.

3. What’s new in your world?

Have an upcoming event or speech? Spread the word and let the recipient of your email know.

4. Promote your offer

Do you have an amazing piece of content or free offer, trail or e-book. Your email newsletter is a great place to promote this amazing thing you’ve created.



The don’ts in email signatures

Don’t make it too long – 7 lines max

Keep it simple and beautiful – use your brand guidelines: 2-3 fonts max, 3 colors

Avoid personal quotes – although it’s tempting to use a quote in your signature, but it can be a real turn-off.

Test it! – How does your signature look on Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird?