I find many people don’t talk about the struggles that is involved in the journey of becoming an entrepreneur. The obstacles we must push through to achieve the freedom we’re seeking. The keyword here is “through”. Yes, we must go through the obstacle and face it head on. It’s the only way to the other side – to freedom.
So, I’m sharing my top 3 obstacles that I faced in becoming an entrepreneur and how I push through.

#1. Taking the plunge

One of the biggest struggles in running your own business is to start, to take the plunge and dive into the great unknown. You don’t know what’s going to happen and there’s really no control over the outcome. It’s a huge leap of faith starting your own business and counter intuitive to our instinct for security. Yet, it’s just like going to the gym. The hardest part about the gym is showing up, but once you’re there, you’re fine and you feel better afterwards.

When you officially claim yourself as an entrepreneur there is a sense of power that comes along with it. Then you can start creating the action.

#2. Being Seen

Going out into the community and sharing how you can help people can stir up a lot of doubt and second guessing yourself. Putting yourself out there and letting others see you is a vulnerable act. It takes practice and patience, but it gets better with time.

#3. Not feeling good enough

This obstacle goes deep into the subconscious – not feeling good enough. Everyone at some point whether they know it or not has a form of this insecurity. What comes with this thought is undervaluing what you have to offer to others. Comparing yourself to others or “fraud syndrome” is very common with this feeling of not being good enough. You can feel very defeated.

Changing your mindset and truly believing in yourself, truly believing that you offer value to others can help tremendously in this defeating feeling.

What obstacles have you pushed through in your journey? What fears have you had to face?